Honey Graham Cracker Cookie Butter Spread

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Smooth Talking Honey Graham

Honey graham crackers stone ground into a deliciously creamy cookie spread

The delightfully adaptable flavor of honey graham crackers reimagined as a creamy spreadable cookie butter. Warm it all up to make a fancy fondue or enjoy a spoonful straight from the jar for a satisfying late night snack.

From the Chef: Jean-François often includes a small cup of spread in his daughter’s lunchbox. Cookie butters give children a naturally sweet incentive to finish all their fruit.

Shelf Life: one year unopened, two months opened

Ingredients: graham cracker cookie (bleached enriched flour, whole wheat flour, palm oil shortening (non-hydrogenated), soy lecithin, sugar, vanilla flavor, natural butter flavor, ammonium bicarbonate, salt, sodium bicarbonate, monocalcium phosphate, palm oil shortening (non-hydrogenated), canola oil, light brown sugar, sugar, soy lecithin, cinnamon powder, vanilla powder

Allergens: contains soy, wheat, dairy. Produced on shared equipment that comes in contact with peanuts, nuts, eggs, sesame seeds.

Kosher Chocolate Certification: Earth Kosher®


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