Milk Chocolate Bar

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The Cacao Equation

This rich creamy tablet bar embodies the pure base flavor in all our 42% milk chocolate confections.

We create it by melting down 38% milk chocolate pistols and gradually adding dark chocolate until the combination reaches our signature cacao percentage.

From the Chef:Jean-François prefers to incorporate a “little hint of bitterness” into our milk chocolate base to ensure a good depth of flavor. “Once the chocolate is finished some people can’t tell if it’s milk or dark. I really enjoy that.”

Includes: Pack of 6 bars

Shelf life: 10 Months

Ingredients: milk chocolate (pure cane sugar, milk, cacao butter, cacao beans, soy lecithin, vanilla bean)

Allergens: contains dairy, soy. Produced on shared equipment that comes in contact with peanuts, nuts, eggs, sesame seeds, wheat.

Kosher Chocolate Certification: Earth Kosher® Dairy

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